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Course details

Course details

Omakase course

“Omakase course” only
We offer heartfelt hospitality

Our restaurant only offers a one-stop-shop "Omakase Course."

Enjoy a combination of exquisite sushi prepared by our sushi chef using the best ingredients of the day and creative dishes.

Ingredients change depending on daily market conditions, but each dish has a seasonal feel and is full of flavor.

Not only did he thoroughly study Edomae sushi in the sushi department of a first-class hotel, but he also had experience in French cuisine and as a pastry chef, so he took full advantage of his uniqueness and went to multiple restaurants for one meal. You can enjoy that feeling.

Omakase course

13,200 yen (tax included)

  • 6-7 seasonal appetizers

  • Seasonal chawanmushi

  • scroll

  • 9-10 pieces of seasonal nigiri

  • Omelet

  • Bowl

*Contents may change depending on weather and purchasing status.

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